Hey guys.
So someone hacked my tumblr.
I can’t log in at all on my computer, because it makes me change my password. If I send a reset email, I don’t recieve it. So I think I’m fucked. The only way I’m posting this is that my account was still logged in on mobile. But I can’t change my password from here.
This may be it.
Sorry guys.
It was a nice little run and I really loved posting shit and having so much support with shit that I do.
You guys really are the best people in the world.
Love you.

Dear whomever is hacking my tumblr:
Fuck off.
I can’t reset my password you shit.
The only way I can get on is with mobile for some reason but it won’t let me log in on my computer.
If I send a reset email I don’t recieve it.
Get the fuck off.
You’re shit.